Wednesday, 21 December 2016


A guest post

Hello, I'm not Connie.

I am 21. I am a student. I am ginger. I am Vegan. Connie is none of these things.

So, hello. I'm not Connie. Sorry to disappoint.

I am a scientist. I am tee-total. I am a southerner banished to the north. (I'm also a bit of a Scot exiled to the south.) I am an Aspergirl.

Hello, I'm not Connie. That's not to say that Connie and I have nothing in common; we do live together after all.

I'm reaching the point now, don't worry. I've given you a long list of what I am. Of my labels. I was always told that "you don't need labels", and asked "why do you allow yourself to be put into a box like that?"
We are women. We are Christian. We get over-excited by blankets. We are anxious. We are depressive.
But here's the thing about labels. They let you know that you are not alone. That there are enough people like you for you to require a label. They're not boxes, they're balloons. Labels don't shut you in, they let you find and be found by people like you.
There's a Scots word: Ken. It means understand, but the kind of understanding that only comes from being there yourself. It's empathy. I like my labels. They help me find ken. So please don't be offended on my behalf when someone gives me a label.
Hello. I'm Caroline. I am so many things. It's lovely to meet you.
This is Connie now. I just want to say a big thank you to Cai for her post this week. Hopefully we will see a few more posts from her as time goes on. Apologies for the lack of posting last weekend. Had a RIGHT 'mare with my laptop, but luckily now my baby is fixed and all will be back to normal, I will be posting next in the New Year.

Happy Advent, and Happy Christmas :) 

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Thanks, see you soon



  1. I'm also not Connie, and being perfectly honest there are many labels that all three of us have in common and some we do not. Yet those labels don't stop friendships and relationships happening, in fact those balloons are so colourful and vibrante that that people with different balloons become attracted and want to be-friend others and build relationships on those differences.

    Again I am not Connie.

    But these 'labels' make us who we are, and we shouldn't want to be someone else. We should be those 'labels' through and through, because we are humans!