Sunday, 4 December 2016

Getting Festive on a Budget.

Most people love the Christmas season, I know that basically everyone in my life does, and part of what makes that love so strong is that you are  surrounded by decorations that ornate your home and make it feel even more cosy and lovely. I LOVE decorating my house for Christmas, putting up the tree and the garlands and lights and baubles fills me with so much joy and is a huge part of my many Christmas traditions. Seeing my home decorated and Christmassy make me so happy because it makes me feel safe and reminds me of all the wonderful things I can celebrate and be thankful for. So even when I'm not in my family home, I like to make sure that wherever I am living is as decorated and Christmassy as possible. HOWEVER I have next to no money at the moment (lol grad life) so I have next to nothing to use to decorate my house and I had left all my usual 'uni digs' room decorations at home. I wasn't going to leave my current house un-adorned. So I set off, out into the city of Hull to decorate my home with a max budget of £40. Which, lets be honest, isn't that bad it just means I had to buy less wine for the next fortnight, which is probably a good thing. For everyone. 

Before I continue it is worth mentioning that most of the things that I bought or made are temporary decorations that I got for this year only. Most of that I used is stuff that can and will be thrown away once Christmas is over and anything else that I keep is something I know I will use elsewhere or at another time. For example; Baubles I will keep,store and re-use, anything made from paper I will throw away/re-cycle.

I managed to do quite a lot! Walking around Hull I found so many great stalls and shops which sold festive ornaments and craft materials and got to chat with some of the lovely store and shop workers too. It was great to share ideas and discuss how someone could use different tools and crafts to make really beautiful, but cheap and easy, decorations for your temporary home, maybe even your permanent home too.

After I gathered all I had it took me just over 4 hours to make, put up and finish everything. Although a few of my craft ideas did not turn out as I planned (they were a hot mess) a few turned out alright. My 3D newspaper tree looks great and looks like a Christmas decoration idea straight off Pintrest, and all it took was a newspaper, 2 staples, scissors and some tape. And once I hung my baubles (a tub for £5.50) on the wall surrounding it, I thought it looked even more festive and fun, definitely not something I had seen or done before. Our festive paper chains are going to be brilliant and my glittery flowers are a little slap-dash but still look quite cute. My main victory however is my gold, weathered champagne bottle which looks ace and is a simple but elegant way to display some Christmassy foliage. My best buy however has to be the branch or blue spruce which I bought from my local florists, Eden, which not only looks Christmassy especially with the bronze eucalyptus leaves and my faux poinsettia but also smells UH-MAZING. I managed to buy it for fairly cheap too so if you can I highly recommend buying some authentic woodland greenery because it looks and smells so good. 

Overall I am very pleased with how my house now looks. It isn't what I would do every year but it is perfect for where I am now. It's simple, it looks great, it wasn't expensive and don't need to worry about storing it as I can throw most of it away or recycle it after Christmas. And hopefully it will help make me, and my house mates, that little bit more cheerful and excited for the Christmas season. And who knows, maybe we can spend some time making the red, green and gold paper chains together. Because if we can gather and be happy at Christmas, when can we?...

Happy Advent :) 

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Thanks, see you soon


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