Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Winter make-up look 2016

I don't wear make up when I can help it, there is something so appealing about a day where I can have a  fresh faced, relaxed, smudge free appearance.  But when I do wear make up, I do enjoy the process of putting it on. I enjoy blending nice colours on my eyes and I love a good strong brow, but I am definitely not an expert and I have so many friends who regularly come to my rescue when I have committed a beauty faux-pas (you guys know who you are). HOWEVER sometimes, I do get the occasional compliment when I have managed to get my makeup on fleek so, I decided I would give you a step by step guide on how I am doing my winter make up.

First things first I want to quickly mention that in order for me to be happy with my make-up I always start by ensuring that I try to keep my skin healthy. If your skin ain't happy, putting make up on it will only make it angrier. I know that a typically normal human being would only really have time for a face wipe and maybe some moisturiser quickly before bed and then you know washing your face in the morning or when-ever you feel like you need to wash your skin, I know that's what I have done for most of my life and sometimes is all I still have time for. I would recommend trying to incorporate some real skin-care-rehab time though, maybe like once a week or every two weeks, as well as investing in some products to cleanse and clear your skin. I use Clean and Clear blackhead clearing face lotion and Deep Cleansing lotion after I remove my make up and then use Nivea Soft Intensive cream before bed.  I also try to give myself a face mask whenever I have the time and use Biore Nose Pore Strips when I have a spare few minutes, like when I'm at home writing. Skin care needn't be a big deal, you can incorporate it into your regular daily routine. I also always try and moisturise before I put on any foundation as this means you can avoid damaging your skin and steer clear from your skin getting dry. Simple have a great range of moisturisers you can use before applying your makeup and they often contain SPF which adds to the protection you are giving your skin. 

So after you prep your skin (i.e. wash and moisturise) then you can start to apply your foundation. I have used this foundation for a REALLY long time, and somewhere in that I lost the label on the bottle so I have completely no idea what it is any more, all I know is that it works. I vaguely recall that it was a Rimmel product and after some research I think it is Rimmel London Match Perfection in True Ivory (cause I am currently pale as hell) and I used my vegan Royal and Langnickel Stipple Brush to apply and then my beauty blender to blend and make the whole look softer.I love this foundation because I hate wearing really heavy make-up and I always try to keep my skin coverage as light as possible. This foundation gives me coverage but doesn't make my skin feel claggy and greasy and heavy. I also used Max Factors colour correction stick to hide red spots and blemishes. Again I use this sparingly and I'm careful to blend as well as I can and keep it sparse. 

Next is the brows. I'm not gonna lie, with the change in hair colour it has been a major transition in how to fill my brows. I am also in dire need of a shaping session as I have been blessed with my fathers wild eyebrow gene. So sometimes, they still come out a bit too dark. But I'm working on it, okay!
I really like Maybelline New York's Brown Satin eyebrow pencil and blender in Dark Brown. It's so precise and doesn't go on too heavy, which means you can build the shape you want effectively. I like to do my brows at this point because I can fix any mistakes without ruining too my hard work elsewhere. It also means that I don't look like an alien when I put on my eye make-up cause with eye make-up on and with no defined brow, one's forehead looks disturbingly bald which can then lead to an overly dark brow. Above all, one wants to avoid a scouse-brow. I also then use my foundation to make a sharper brow line using the point of my blender as an applicator. I need a new concealer for my brow bone and my under-eyes so if anyone has any recommendations please do leave a comment below. 

My next step is to work on accentuating my eyes. I think my eyes are my best and strongest feature so I always work on making them the focal point of my face. I started with the Nudes Palette from Maybelline New York and I used the metallic dusk colour, I couldn't find it's actual name, and used this to cover my eyelid with my mini flat smudger brush. I then used my angled shader brush to brush the colour Fawn into my crease from the Revolution Ultra Eye- shadow matte collection to give my eye more shape and definition. I also used a smaller smudger to add the Nutmeg shade to my inner eye, my brow bone and then blended Fawn on my lower lash line for a smokey effect

Then for added definition around the lash-line and for that 'on fleek' feel I was earlier referring to I used my Bourjois Felt Tip Liner in Ultra Black 24hour Stay for a strong cat eye along the top eye-lid as close to the lash line as possible. I then finished off the eyes with 2 coats of Maybelline New York Colossal Go Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara cause as its so winy and cold, you don't want your eyes to water and end up looking like a panda.

Then to finish off the rest of the face I used my precision blender to contour my cheeks and nose after applying Collections Precision Contouring stick in Light 1 and then accompanied that with Maybelline's Master Sculpt and used my contour brush to apply it to my cheek bones, temples and under my jaw. Then for highlight I used a combo of Master Sculpt and Revolution's Strobe Highlighter on my upper cheeks, my nose, my forehead, my cupids bow and my chin. This was set with my Rimmel London Match Perfection Powder with my large powder brush and all that was left was to apply my lasting finish lipstick by Kate Moss in shade 30 with my lipstick brush.

And this is the overall finished look...

I hope that you found this post at least a little bit helpful, honestly I have never had to think so much about what I put on my face. As I'm sure you can tell, I did tell you this wasn't my area of expertise. 

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Thanks, see you soon


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